Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises
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What is TRE?

TRE® (Tension, Stress and Trauma Releasing Exercises) is an innovative series of simple exercises which assist the body in releasing deep muscular patterns of stress, tension and trauma by inducing a gentle muscular shaking response. This natural response generally feels pleasant and soothing, and after doing TRE many people report feelings of peace and well being.

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TRE California

TRE California offers private sessions (both in person and on Skype), public workshops, and certification training led by Maria Alfaro. Maria has been designated a TRE and Neurogenic Yoga Certification Trainer by Dr. David Berceli, creator of TRE.

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Our introductory workshops are a great way to experience TRE, learn more about it, and begin to develop your personal TRE practice.

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Our professional trainings will prepare you to use TRE in your current professional practice, or to build a new one.

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What people are saying
Fabrice Vanderbussche

I have been using TRE for a year and have also proposed it to various people, some very affected by trauma. The feedback is very positive. Traumatized individuals reconnect with their body, letting go and letting their bodies “do the work.” I appreciate Maria’s professional qualities both in group and individual coaching, and all underlined with a great sense of humor.

Fabrice VanderbusscheTRE Provider, Clinical Psychologist;Vice-president of Belgian Institute of Psycho-traumatology & EMDR, Brussels, Belgium
Paul Damon

TRE was explained to me in such a beautiful and clear way by Maria. This was the practical self-healing modality I had been searching for to help our veterans find peace and healing within their own homes. TRE is a very powerful tool and I highly recommend it to all.

Paul DamonU.S. Navy Veteran, two-time Grammy contender, Founder of Holistic Veterans
Jyrki Rytilä

As a teacher, Maria is very sensitive and invigorating. She is also a warm person with a great sense of humor. She is able to inspire her students, motivate them and, perhaps most importantly, keep them laughing during some challenging times.

Jyrki RytiläTRE Certification Trainer, M.Sc., Ph.D. (ABD), Daitoryu Aikijujutsu and Systema Instructor, Helsinki, Finland
Gail Bourque

I was surprised how TRE helped participants release stress and trauma held in their body without the need for private, long-term, individual treatment. After experiencing TRE personally, I decided to become a Provider of TRE and Maria has been my trainer and supervisor during the certification process. She shepherded me through it providing insight, wisdom and great support. I am grateful to have had her as a mentor.

Gail BourquePsychotherapist and TRE Provider, California, USA
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