All of my introductory workshops are experiential. They teach how to activate a natural bodily response called Self-Induced Therapeutic Tremors (SITT).

Some of these classes are called “Yoga and TRE®” and some are called “Neurogenic Yoga™.” Many have asked what is the difference between the two and here is the answer.

In a typical “Yoga and TRE” workshop I use some simple yoga stretches as a short introduction to the class, to have people relax and to get their awareness directed out of their head and more into the rest of their bodies. In those workshops the tremors are then induced by doing the TRE exercises as created by Dr. David Berceli. From the feedback of many workshops participants this is a very soothing way to prepare anybody to experience TRE.

In a Neurogenic Yoga workshop the tremors are induced by asana and pranayama and we don’t do the TRE exercises. The end result, the Self-Induced Therapeutic Tremors, is the same.

Basically if you love yoga, please come to a Neurogenic Yoga workshop. If yoga is not one of your favorite activities, please come to a “Yoga and TRE” as the yoga part of this class is minimal and very easy.

TRE California workshops and trainings provide CEU for massage therapist and body workers nationally.

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What people are saying

I have suffered from sciatica for many years. Since I learned TRE from Maria 5 years ago I have been able to live pain free. I still use the technique every time that I feel the sciatica starting to bother me. I do the exercises and the pain goes away. It is miraculous!

Matt JonesCalifornia, USA

Maria is an excellent teacher. I learned a lot. She held the space for the students and taught with great humor and solid presence. Thank you for your exploration to find this work and bring it to others.

Nancy RandallCalifornia, USA

In 54+ years of psoas muscle problems, I never experienced a release system such as TRE. This natural release takes no effort at all–you just let go. The aftermath is peacefulness, lightness and comfort. I have experienced a great sense of health with this pleasant and gentle work.

Joy AllbrightCalifornia, USA

For years I have mentally gotten over many obstacles regarding my surgeries. However, this is the first time my body released all the pain and suffering it went through. Truly amazing.

Janel WaldschmidtCalifornia, USA

Robert and I were so impressed with your teaching, your passion and the extraordinary work we did with you. Your workshop was the ultimate release of our sciatic pain and emotional stress. We have both had very positive results in just the last 24 hours. Thank you!

Patricia Marshall and Robert FisherCalifornia, USA